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Cassava cultivation in Vietnam has received quite a boost in recent years, probably due to the opening up of markets for bioethanol and a government push to introduce E10 and E20 gasoline. Vietnam is now the third major producer of cassava in ASEAN. In 2012 Vietnam had an estimated 550,000 Ha under cassava, yielding 177,000 Hg/Ha and producing 9,750,000 tonnes (source: FAOSTAT).

Vietnam currently has 13 bioethanol factories with a capacity of 1067.7 million litres of bioethanol per year, as well as 66 industrial starch processing factories.

It is clear from the charts that acreage, yield and production have all increased significantly in the last two years.

Now well on the road to being a major player, since 2000 Vietnam has managed to increase yields by 400%.