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Singapore is not a producer of cassava, however, the National University of Singapore maintains an interest in research related to cassava, particularly as it relates to biochemistry and tissue culture. Cassava is the fourth most important food crop in the region and thus warrants research interest. Research on bioethanol is mostly conducted by Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Cassava Research at NUS

There are a number of companies based in Singapore who have an interest in bioethanol.

BioGasol is a combined biotechnology and engineering company in the field of renewable energy. BioGasol has developed breakthrough technologies for the sustainable production of bioethanol based on lignocellulosic biomasses. With the BioGasol Process Concept it is possible to convert straw and other agricultural residues into ethanol, biogas, hydrogen and solid fuel with reuse of process water. BioGasol ApS is a Danish company founded in January 2006 as a spin-out from The Technical University of Denmark, DTU. Founder of the company is Professor Birgitte Kiær Ahring and the first financial investor was BankInvest – New Energy Solutions. The company has developed renewable energy solutions, which are based upon extensive research and development work at DTU since 1994. Today the company has just over 20 employees and demonstrated the technology concept successfully in a pilot plant since 2006.

Bio-ethanol from various feedstock like sugarcane, molasses, wheat, corn, cassava, tapioca, Jowar, Sweet Sorghum. Potable alcohol, fuel ethanol or industrial grade alcohol, we supply engineering technology and equipments to our customers. We assist our customers to build state of art Ethanol projects right from the project conceptualization until commissioning.

Ethanol is our thought . For more than sixteen years we’ve been supplying turn key ethanol plants all over the world by engineering each unit with state of the art technologies. We’ve a deep knowledge of science, markets and traditions about ethanol in different countries. No matter if you need a single unit or a whole plant: if you are looking for ethanol technologies choose the state of the art, choose Green Engineering.

The main aim was to develop production techniques and usage of bio-based ethanol for the transport sector. The founding factor beeing that the organisation has identified ethanol as the most rational alternative fuel for transport. Good access to raw material, the knowledge to utilise by-products from the cellulose industry and bio energy, including the knowledge of technical process in the paper pulp and chemical industries were contributing factors to the formation of the organisation. The foundation is responsible for projects related to production, distribution and usage of bioethanol as well as knowledge and information of systems change towards sustainable transport systems based on biofuels. An increasingly international focus inspired the name change in 1999 to the BioAlcohol Fuel Foundation, BAFF. Today, the BioAlcohol Fuel Foundation is a knowledge and information led organisation involved in projects of sustainable transport around the globe.

Alcotra Singapore Pte Ltd.

Alcotra Singapore Pte Ltd’s role within the group is to manage our growing business in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region. Our focus is on both fuel and non fuel ethanol . From our office in Singapore we have a network of agents and offices throughout the region that enable us to give our local partners, both suppliers and customers, the focus that their businesses deserve. In an increasingly competitive and dynamic market environment, Alcotra Singapore aims to provide the added value to all sectors of the business. Our global expertise and reach throughout the group ensures that we are able to offer timely advice to our partners and create value within the supply chain.