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Indonesia is the major cassava producer in ASEAN. The industry is well supported by the Indonesian Cassava Society. Unable to satisfy national needs, the country imports some cassava from other ASEAN members. In 2012, Indonesia grew 1,119,784 Ha of cassava, yielding 213,631 Hg/Ha, producing a total of 23,922,075 tons (FAOSTAT). The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) is conducting research on second generation ethanol using non-food related sources.

Major producers include PT Starch Solution International, PT Budi Starch and Sweeteners and the Bumi Group. Indonesia has based its bioethanol production on molasses and has not produced fuel grade ethanol since 2010 due to a number of economic inefficiencies. A major ethanol producer is PT Indonesia Ethanol Industry.

The production and yield have increased significantly in the last few years when viewed against a decline in the area harvested in 2012.