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Cassava Starch Production

By : admin, 19 October 2016

Cassava Starch Production

Native Starch

        Cassava starch or tapioca starch, a product extracted from fresh roots is one of the major commercial starches in the global market. It is ranked as the second, after corn starch. The technology of starch production has been greatly improved from low quality starch produced by sedimentation process to high quality starch produced by fully automated and mechanized, dewatering centrifugal process. In this process, roots are transported to factories. Since the roots quickly undergo deterioration due to microbial attack, most starch factories apply good practices to process delivered roots within 1-2 days and avoid the storage of perishable fresh roots. Processed roots are firstly passed through a drum to remove soil, sand, pieces of peels and impurities. Roots are then passed through the root washer and part of the remaining peels, called wet peels, with some hard stems or stumps are manually removed. Washed roots are subsequently chopped and ground by a rasper. Fresh root slurry from the rasper is passed through a series of extractors, from coarse to fine, where the pulp is separated from starch slurry.  Starch slurry received from the fine extraction is concentrated from 10 to 17?Be? to 18 to 20?Be? or Baume, a measure of the degree of starch concentration. Water is further separated by subjecting the starch slurry to a dewatering centrifuge where the water content is reduced from 60% in slurry to 35-40% in cake.  Starch cake is then dried by a pneumatic conveying dryer, known as a flash dryer, to yield the product with 12% moisture content. A modern cassava starch factory now employs a near zero or zero-waste process wherein the wastewater is used for the production of biogas. This alternative energy can cover 100% of the factory’s thermal energy requirement. The surplus gas can also be converted to electricity.

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Overview of Cassava Starch Production Industry in Thailand

Cassava Starch Production Process

Technology and Knowledge

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reference : Thailand Tapioca Starch Network, Thai Tapioca Starch Association (TTSA)

Industrial Application of Cassava Products

reference : The Thai Tapioca Trade Association